• Auto locksmith Manchester

  • Auto locksmith Manchester

    You won’t need to wait for your keys, since using the latest state of the art equipment we can originate and duplicate car keys on the spot. All you need to do is give us a call and our auto locksmith Manchester technician will arrive at the location of your car fully equipped and ready to cut and programme your key on the spot. Car key cutting is regularly carried out by our auto locksmith Manchester team and they will arrive with an option of keys ranging in price.

  • Damaged or Broken car keys

    Have you lost or broken your car keys and don’t want to wait for days for the dealer to come up with a replacement? Are you locked out of your car? Auto Locksmith Manchester serves all of the Manchester areas and offers a car key replacement and car emergency lock out service at competitive locksmith prices.

  • Emergency locksmith

    If your car key is broken, don’t worry; we run an emergency locksmith service. Therefore, we can duplicate a new one for you in no time using the existing broken key. If your car keys are lost, don’t despair; we have the technology to generate a new one for you from scratch. Duplicating keys using an existing key works out cheaper than generating one from scratch and we strongly recommend to always have a duplicate handy, so that in the event that you do lose your key; you always have a backup and won’t have to fork out the full expense of having a new one generated.

    Our car key cutting and car key programming services are available around the clock at competitive locksmith prices.